Smile You are being photographed from above – drones in the service of the enforcement department in Ariel Municipality

The enforcement department in the Ariel Municipality hired the services of the companies (Cando Drones and High Lander, which operate a fleet of autonomous drones capable of high-resolution photography, in order to conduct an advanced digital pilot, the purpose of which is to keep our Ariel free of dog litter, the dumping of trimmings and construction waste in inappropriate places and at the designated times.

The companies Cando Drones and High Lander stated that in the latest enforcement operation carried out by the municipality, a fleet of autonomous drones was integrated into enforcement, policing and security processes in the municipality of Ariel, for the benefit of improving the well-being of the residents.

In the enforcement operation conducted over the past two weeks, dozens of dog owners were observed walking their dogs, and we are proud to say that the majority of the dog owners show exemplary citizenship and are careful to collect the dog waste. The few who tried to evade and leave the “scented gift” to the public received a report from the inspector documenting the act and for some the surprise awaits in the mail.

The Director of the Enforcement and Licensing Department, Baruch Engel, stated that “Ariel Municipality aligned itself with dozens of municipalities that introduced the most advanced technology of drones into the world of supervision and law enforcement. The system allowed the teams to use the capabilities of the drone for the benefit of the mission as well as to manage the various tasks in an optimal way. “I felt great pride,” says Engel, “to find out that most of the residents own dogs, observe the law, consider their neighbors and pick up the droppings after their dogs from the public area, those who chose to try to avoid responsibility – will meet it in the form of a financial fine and punishment” he added and said that he thanks the Cando Drones companies and High Lander for the excellent service they gave to the municipality and he looks forward to continued cooperation for the benefit of the city and its residents.

For a correct and efficient use of the airspace, preparations were made in the ground and airspace by the Cando company and the municipality’s teams, and drones and pilot teams accompanied the activity. The companies emphasized that thanks to the advanced ‘Mission Control PRO’ control system of the High Lander company, the enforcement and security teams of the Municipality of Ariel received a real-time video image of what is happening in the area, in addition to a full operational image, which was transferred to the control center and teams in the field to direct the inspectors and other response teams. A pilot of this type allows the Ariel municipality to experience and be impressed by the existing potential in managing a fleet of drones operating in the service of the municipality and for the benefit of the safety of its residents, so that in the course of learning and experimenting it will be possible to build an independent system that will operate routinely in any future scenario, whether it is routine, emergency or happy events!

In the coming months, additional targeted enforcement operations are planned to be carried out, in order to minimize environmental hazards and increase the level of security of the city’s residents. We ask the residents to be considerate of their neighbors and friends and of course to respect the law and avoid unpleasantness and unnecessary financial expenses – because the public space belongs to all of us for all of us to enjoy.

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