Solutions and Products

Security solutions

Solution based on an autonomous drone that will take off multiple times per day or by client demand and will record the designated POI, including capabilities for remote activation by a Cando operator. The drone dispatch can provide a real-time response for a routine patrol, inspection, detection, and deterrence. It can also be dispatched by different sorts of events that will be classified as suspicious, in which case the drone will fly to the POI and record events which will also be live-streamed back to the command-and-control center.

The advantage of integrating our autonomous drones will provide your security with a serious force boost. Drones are an operational luxury when it comes to enlarging the data sources for decision-makers and essential key players to make the right, quick and efficient decisions in real-time events which they will be able to watch live through the drone’s video stream.

Mapping, Surveying, and Inspections

Cando Drones provides its customers with the best COTS mapping drones and equipment. Implementing both LIDAR, RTK, and other advanced tools together with the most advanced processing software we provide our customers with the most precise results yet. From Ortho-mosaics to point clouds to 3DMesh and more we can provide you with high-end outcomes in a more efficient, precise, and quick way.

Solutions for Public Safety

Cando Drones allows the public safety forces to integrate into their missions autonomous drone fleets which will dramatically increase the operational response time on site.

Applying the drones with mission-ready payloads such as Megaphone, LED Flashlights, Riot Dispersing device allows an effective method to keeping the public safety in order by decreasing friction points, real-time operation video stream.


Cando Drones allows its customers to use the latest drone technology for improving and better connecting to external organizations (Police, Fire and Rescue, Emergency Forces, etc.) for inspections, enforcement, public safety, and more. By utilizing the technology you can create a complete picture for anyone who needs to respond.


Cando Drones is one of the leading companies in the INDI (Israel National Drone Initiative) and within the framework of the initiative building the technological, regulatory, and commercial infrastructure to bring drone delivery to urban areas.


Our Autonomous drone charging stations are adapted to several different drones and allow a fully autonomous process without human intervention of continuity of the mission.

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