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The changing challenges the security and police forces are facing are becoming more and more complex. Cando addresses the operational, technological, and professional demands that are derived from the changing challenges.
At Cando, we believe that every task and every challenge require dedicated planning, adaptation of the right system solution and accurate real time management of the task. Consequently, Cando has developed a unique platform based on a robust system that combines stationary sensors (on masts and on tied drones), and mobile devices (a variety of drones), that are linked by advanced technology. This platform enables detection and investigation of threats by autonomous management and control of multi drone fleet.

Aerial mapping and remote sensing

Cando enables coverage of agricultural areas, forests and nature reserves in less time. It collects information on plant health, crops and potential problems by using its advanced technology drones’ systems. This allows faster, more accurate and cost-effective response that increases the possibility of crisis prevention.

Detectors and other means installed on variety of drones enable to collect more information, discover and identify various objects and bodies over large areas in a short period of time.

Delivery via drones

The delivery world is undergoing a makeover.
Sending packages via drones is no longer a distant vision but a common reality around the world. Speed, cost savings and precise control are essential economic and competitive advantages.

Cando has developed a concept in response to the Ministry of Transport’s demand for the NEMA project (Urban Mobility in the Air Dimension) and is in the process of collaborating with a strategic partner.

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Your challenge is our mission

Cando will be at your service for any task, ready to understand your goals and needs and it will offer world’s leading security agencies planning standards and create a unique drone-based system. Our experts with operational and technical background in HLS and security will successfully execute the mission.

Aerial mapping&remote sensing
Delivery via drones