The Team

The Cando Drones Team has accumulated unique knowledge and experience over the years in establishing UAV units in the IDF and carrying out the most complex operations. Now, our clients can receive a bundle package of these goods.

Yoely Or


Yoely is a serial entrepreneur in diverse sectors and a pioneer in integrating innovative technologies.

Yoely is an Army Reserve General who served as the military attaché and the ministry of Defense attaché in LATAM, and filled a series of high-ranked roles including service in the Marines.
He is with rich experience in managing complex and abundant projects.

Yoely is withholding a BA in history and economics and an EMBA from the University of Tel Aviv.

Alon Kloss

Co-Founder and COO

Alon is the client’s vision implementer with his professional skill set and experience which he has accumulated, he orchestrates the operations and solution integrations that the company provides its customers.

Alon is an Army reserve General, in his last role he served as Head Artillery Officer, and with a service pending over 3 decades he commanded, managed, and led large operational projects with abundant resources and challenges.

Alon withholds an MBA in system engineering.

Moshe Kipnis

Co-Founder and CTO

Moshe is the technological visionary and the enforcer for the client’s innovative solution by analyzing needs, time challenges, budget, and regulatory demands.
Moshe has rich experience in initiating and leading multidisciplinary developments starting from the first phase of ideation, characterization, planning, producing, and experimenting until the final stage of the COTS product.
Moshe has won several prestigious awards: Israel Security award as Head of Project, Head Artillery Officer’s awards for his explicit contribution to developing weaponry solutions, and Israel Military Industry award for an excelled project for a foreign client.
Moshe is withholding a B.Sc. in electrical engineering, and an MBA in Technology firm management.

Boaz Sarfatty

Chief UAV Pilot and Aerial Division Manager

Boaz has years of unique experience and knowledge in the Drone sector and their integration in complex missions.
Boaz is the professional referent and advisor to all search and rescue units subjected to the Israeli Police.
Many UAV pilots have been trained and qualified for various missions by Boaz in the last few years, with emphasis on the subject of flying and safety.



Alon is a Res. Lieutenant Colonel, withholding a BSc. In civil engineering at the Technion and an MBA in Business Administration.

Alon has rich experience in project management with vast resources in the private and security sectors. Alon is one of the founders of the company and is leading the financial sector.


VP of R&D

Shay is a Res. Colonel with over 25 years of experience in UAVs, he is also one of the founders of the IDF’s UAV array.
Shay was the commander of a UAV squadron that combines both mid-level and low-level aerial vehicles and is a certified UAV instructor. With the enormous amount of knowledge that shay has accumulated in the military, he has decided to invest in civilian missions.
Shay is a partner in Cando and acts as the VP of R&D, he is leading complex projects that demand the development of innovative and technological abilities.

Shay is withholding a BSc in Industrial Management with a specialization in information systems and an MBA in Business Administration.

Yulia Katz

vp of Strategy

Yulia is an expert in the technological content world – cyber protection, attack and defense methodology, and telecom and computer infrastructure.
After 24 years of service in the IAF and in the Prime Ministers’ office (National Cyber Array) Yulia has joined the Cando team and is a partner VP strategy in charge of marketing, sales, communications, and cyberinfrastructure.

Yulia is withholding an MBA in Business Administration.

Guy Mizrahi

Advisory Board

Guy Mizrahi has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of Cyber security, Cyber Intelligence and Cyber-offense methodologies, managed multi millions dollar projects at USA, Europe and Africa.

Guy is one of the most known hackers in Israel.

Founded more than 10 years ago a blog named “Zull, Hackers blog”, wrote courses for both military and civilian organizations.

Guy has unique knowledge about the Cyber-Crime market, hacktivism and the DarkNet. Past:
Special consultant for Israel’s leading technology Intelligence unit, Cyber research team leader for Elbit systems.


VP of Logistics

Nir is a Res. Lieutenant Colonel with expertise in logistics and supply chain.
In his past he has lead the creation of the IDF’s Supply Center.
He has been awarded with Project manager of the year by the PMI Union in 2020.

Nir is withholding a first and second degree in Logistics, Economics and Management.

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